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Some years ago, WWE was just so sad to announce the death of a real superstar in the company Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit did not died a natural death, he killed himself.

Following the reports after his death, Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy Benoit and his son Daniel Benoit before finally hanging himself with his gym equipment and gave up the ghost. Investigators said that his wife was found in a pool of her own blood wrapped up in a towel. The son was discovered dead in his room on top his bed.

It was earlier reported that Chris Benoit had a damaged brain which led to the act he performed and this condition was as a result of concussions. According to his friends, Chris has had series of injuries which had placed him in different concussions and this led to the damaging of his brain.
Other things revealed after Chris’s death are that he uses his wrestling skills to kill people. A good example was the murder of his own son Daniel Benoit. It was stated that when his son was discovered dead, the traits shown in him disclosed that he died as a result of his father’s wrestling move called ‘crippler cross-face,’.

Furthermore, police say they have great reason to believe Benoit killed his son Daniel using the ‘crippler cross-face,’ Benoit’s signature submission move. Medical examinations showed bruising on Daniel’s arms as well as face clearly indicating that a chokehold was used to put him to sleep. And again, the death of Chris gave rise to the WWE wellness policy. Report states that Superstar wellbeing was highlighted more, through personal care. Autopsy results showed that Benoit’s body contained 10 times the normal level of steroid testosterone despite passing a WWE steroid test 3 months earlier – meaning that the company had truly dropped the ball.