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Once upon a time, the relationship built for 18 years has melted down. Rob Van Dam and Soya, soon to say goodbye to their matrimony. This is sad indeed!

According to, Rob Van Dam and Sonya chose to separate with each other in December and after a few months divorce seemed to be the only solution as they were unable to reconcile. This was referred to as “irreconcilable differences”.

For 18years Robert Szatkowski well known as Rob Van Dam and his wife as been living together. News just broke out lately that Rob Van Dam and his beautiful wife Sonya seems done with the affairs and now they seek divorce.

Sonya has always been by Rob’s side ever since his wrestling career and both has really got on with life. Sonya was diagnosed with cancer some years ago which made Rob to resign from wrestling just to take care of his wife. Now, Sonya is fully recovered and the relationship is going on expulsion. What a tragedy. Below is a tweet by TMZ.