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Before the WWE SummerSlam, everyone believed that Sasha Banks was going to retain her title against the former WWE Superstar Charlotte but the reverse was the case and it seems that Sasha is not even angry with the lost as fans are.

It is revealed that the former WWE Women’s champion SaSaha Banks just got married not quite long and now she is a wife not just a diva in the field.

She got married to the WWE custume designer Sarah Ton, the marriage was more like a secret marriage. Now, the actual reason why the former WWE Women’s champion lost to the match was because of the marriage, may be she needed time to spend with her husband. It was also reported that Sasaha Banks.

Hence forth, SaSha Nanks willl ne kwon as he the former WWE Cgampion. Furthermore, it has been rumored that SaSaha Banks has been suspended by The WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy but others say that she got a back injury and was helped back stage, which ever turnsout to be the truth, at last we are still going to know because it willl be announced.