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Last night on the WWE Monday night RAW was a build up of what to come out from the second biggest PPV of the year, SummerSlam event. We saw various sorts of promos from contending superstars; one of which was the Seth Rollins intimidating Finn Balor in the ring of the WWE to promote their match at SummerSlam.

It has been announced before now that Finn Balor will face the former WWE champion Seth Rollins to contend for the Universal championship title. That is, who wins the match becomes the Universal champion of the WWE. So, building up the feud, the just held Monday night RAW which was done Corpus Christi, Texas, saw the former champion trying to find out the Demon King, an alter ego of Finn Balor.

As time went on, the commissioner of RAW, Stephanie McMahon and her manager, Mick Foley suggested that Seth Rollins steps in the middle of the stage to do the intimidation which he did. But as he was trying to intimidate Inn Balor with words, something happened, and it was reported by source that during that promo, a random fan suddenly entered the ring and attempted to get his hands on Seth Rollins.

Rollins positioned the fan in the place he belongs before finally; the security came to take the fan out of the ring. Report stated further that the fan wanted to get of the hands of the security which later resulted in the introduction of handcuff. The fan was handcuffed. While Seth Rollins in his own part changed a part of his promo according and it was a brilliant twist indeed.

More so, some fans in attendance bear witness of the guy trying to forcefully get away from the security and how he ended up in handcuffs. Also, the fans stated that Seth Rollins brilliantly handled the situation and changed a part of his promo accordingly.