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As we earlier reported, the July 4th Episode of Monday Night RAW kicked off with a food fight which did happened at the eve of the show. And again we reported that WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia made an overwhelming US national anthem song and this was indeed cool as it prepared everyone for the show which took place on the Independence Day of the US.

The show was indeed a hot one, the best of its kind. Rusev dealt with Titus O’Neil and retained his US championship title by beating up Titus O’Neil to the core. The tag team stables Enzo Amore and Big Cass repeated that which is always in their spirit to do and Sasha Banks laying her claim to the WWE Women’s Championship Charlotte who came in the ring boosting about herself.

More so, another lovely experience on last night RAW show was the tag team match of Enzo and Cass against the Wyatt family and again, The New Day coming on stage to save John Cena from the hand of The Club members, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The match did ended excellently well as John Cena turned Karl Anderson’ Randy Orton’s RKO into the AA and made the win over him.

Furthermore, after RAW went off-air, John Cena did his usual deeds by bring in a cancer survivor whose name is Isaac. Cena brought him into the ring and named him an honorary WWE superstar and made the audience cheer up for him before he later made the sign which he has brought. You will agree with me that the match did ended well, it was a nice match.

I wonder what the match or rather the news would have been if Cena had lost to AJ, thank God for the new day who made the save and made Cena triumphed against AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Fortunately, the match was on the independence day of the America and Cena is an American a champion for that matter.