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It is not new to fans on how WWE NXT superstars find their way into the WWE main rooster. Well, to brighten up your insight a little bit, when superstars from the WWE NXT wants to make their way into the mother WWE, they have to be debuted into the rooster, and this simply means that they have to compete with a stronger in the WWE ring.

The rumor of Finn Balor making his WWE main rooster debut has been the talk among the WWE universe but the debut seems to have come at the point where only few persons expected it because it has been rumored to take place times without numbers but it seemed that Finn Balor was not going to make his main rooster debut ever in the WWE again. All other former WWE NXT superstars like AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and so many have all been debuted and now it seemed as if Finn was the only one remaining.

More so, Finn Balor is a top WWE NXT champion who has recorded several title reigns in the company. Just last night Monday RAW show, it was revealed that Finn was called up to the main rooster and was involved in the first fatal four way match of the WWE Monday Night RAW. It is revealed that Finn Balor was the six people who entered to join other competitors. Undoubtedly, Finn Balor’s debut is one of the best in WWE recent history and while some folks are happy about his joining the main rooster, others are angry and unimpressed with his debut.

Report stated that while Finn Balor was making his way into the stand he walked majestically and put up the collar of his leather jacket and at this glance, a top WWE superstar made caricature of him in mockery. Big E of the New Day stable saw him make the move and decided to make mockery of him by repeating exactly what Finn Balor did by putting up the collar of his leather jacket.