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The match at the WWE Monday night RAW last week saw Roman Reigns standing Kevin Owens. It was reported that if Roman Reigns wins the match, he be added to a triple threat match contending for the WWE Universal championship title.

When the match was on, Seth Rollins came out from nowhere to interfere in the match and this cause total displeasure in the heart of the WWE RAW manager’s heart Mick Foley. So, what then should be done to please him after being disappointed at Seth Rollins rude acts and disobedience? It is revealed that two things can be done which include:

Firstly, Mick Foley forces Rollins to fight his way back into the main event at Backlash on Raw. This could be done by doing a Triple Threat match with Reigns and Zayn to see who will go on to face Owens at the pay per view. WWE can either decide to have Rollins win this match and gain entry back into his match at Backlash with Owens, or WWE can decide to leave Rollins off the card and have Rollins disrupt The Clash of Champions match later in the night. This would, of course, lead to Rollins and Owens facing off sometime down the road and would be a great way to build up the story-line.

More so, the second idea could be that Mick Foley stipulates that if Rollins loses his match against Kevin Owens at Backlash, he will be suspended and not appear on Raw for a month. This leads Rollins to lose the match against Owens and is then escorted out of the arena by security. Rollins then would serve his suspension, but return to attack Owens during his next pay per view match. This would pit Owens versus Rollins at a later time and would be a great way to strength the length of the story-line. It is also a great way to introduce other superstars, like Zayn, into the title picture.

Furthermore, with the recent ongoing of things, it seems like Seth Rollins is in line to be suspended soon for this cruel act of his. Who knows how the suspension will last? It may be for any number of days provided he is penalized.