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Just a few days ago, an incident occurred that resulted in domestic violence and it was reported to have been due to fight that occurred between WWE Couple Paige and Alberto El Patron. Reports have it that the fight broke out due to Alberto’s choice of words that proved to be an insult.

The situation was said to have escalated in a short matter of time, and Paige was said to have poured her drink on Alberto, the audio recording of the incident has been spreading like wild fire all over the net with Paige telling El Patron.

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“Just stay out of my life. Leave me the **** alone. I’m trying to get away from you. All the time.”

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El Patron was said to have been recently suspended by GFW despite being the recently crowned world champion, Paige’s brothers then posted on Facebook saying that they had phone evidence of El Patron abusing their sister. Surprisingly according to the investigation of the Orlando Police, it was recommended that Paige be the one to be charge for assault.

Del Rio did mention that a data has been set for his suspension to be lifted, Paige also did mention that she passed her final medical test recently and that she’s going to be returning to the WWE soon.

As for Paige’s family’s response to the incident, the couple said her family only read “the BS” on the internet that was being reported about them, so they were simply concerned with Paige’s safety. Paige added everything is “fine” with her family now, besides the fact that they are upset because her uncle passed away yesterday. El Patron added that he understood why Paige’s family was worried about her because they reacted to everything they read on the internet.

Later in the interview, Paige did apologize for the couple’s public fight, and she apologized specifically to the younger fans.

El Patron said people who know them know how their relationship is and they can go from “dropping a ton of F bombs” on each other to loving each other again within minutes. But they said there were a lot of lies and mistruths reported about them on the internet, such as the claim that there was an arrest warrant issued for Paige in San Antonio. As for the incident at the airport, Paige admitted to throwing a drink in El Patron’s face, after El Patron admitted he said something “not nice” to Paige. El Patron added he felt humiliated in the moment, which is why he reacted the way he did, but the difference between them and other couples is that they live their lives in the public eye.