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The General Manager of RAW Mick Foley revealed that he had a relationship with the RAW commissioner Stephanie on the last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW show.

Foley said that his story about how he first met Stephanie was all true see what he further stated:

“In case you’re wondering – the story of the girl with the shy smile/guy with the tooth in his nose is absolutely true. I was flattered that Pat Patterson included aspects of the story in his memoir “Accepted”, and it is included in Stephanie’s upcoming “unreal” as well.”

Although the former hardcore champion revealed that after a year of that incident Stephanie had evolved very much and didn’t seem so shy anymore:

“A year and a half later, the beautiful young lady with the shy smile didn’t seem quite so shy anymore; she was a force to be reckoned with in WWE and was a big part of the classic program I had with Paul “Triple H” Levesque to close out my career in early 2000.”

Talking about his relation with the former Authority member Mick revealed that he has always considered her to be a friend of him:
“Over the years, I may have gone in and out of favor with the company, and my relationship with Mr. McMahon has been strained at times – although it’s getting much better.

But there has never been a time when I have not considered Stephanie McMahon a friend”
Praising her ability to play her role of the bad boss, Foley said that she has a rare ability to inhabit a character:

“Stephanie will sometimes mention that she “plays” a bad guy on TV. I don’t think she’s playing. I think she has that rare ability to inhabit a character, to the point where she becomes it – so that when she’s good, she’s really good; but when she’s bad she’s even better.”