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It is obvious that Brock Lesnar has gone weird and broad in the WWE. He has been as the biggest and most feared superstar, he is fondly called the beast, for he sees fighting as a hobby because he is also part of MMA.

It has been announced before hand that Brock Lesnar will be wrestling Randy Orton at the SummerSlam event and regarding to this, lots of promotions has been made and it has all been awesome most especially the invasion of the two superstars in different shows, RAW and SmackDown Live. Randy Orton attacked Brock Lesnar in RAW with his RKO while Brock Lesnar also retaliated with his F5 the next day on SmackDown Live.

Reports has it that, Samoa Joe wants to wrestle against Brock Lesnar and he strongly wish Randy Orton should loss to Lesnar so his dream can come true. During an interview with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes to promote his upcoming NXT Championship match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, Joe weighed in on the boisterous UFC Featherweight champion and his recent comments about WWE.

When asked about McGregor’s comments about wrestlers, Samoa Joe said, “I think Conor McGregor is a promoter, and I’m not here to promote any of his fights. If he were here in WWE, that would be a different story, but until that happens I don’t feel like I need to address it.”

Joe seemed to be unaffected by Conor’s snide remarks which is in stark contrast to the reactions of other superstars in the business. A number of past and present WWE superstars raised an overwhelming outrage in response to McGregor, whose pro wrestling bashing helped him earn the UFC’s first million dollar purse.

Samoa Joe also favoured Brock Lesnar to go over Randy Orton in their upcoming clash at SummerSlam. He said, “For selfish reasons, I’d like to see Brock stand tall until I get my hands on him. I’d like to see Brock pull through so I can get my shot at him.”