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This superstar’s issues get worse by the day. What is happening?

We have heard before now the suspension given to the WWE well known and renowned superstar Adam Rose for violating the wellness policy laid down by the company. The suspension was to last for 60 days.

Early this month, we heard that the WWE has given the superstar another suspension after his return from prison over a case filed against him. The suspension came because his tempering with domestic battery as the case was stated and filed against him.

Adam Rose had an issue with his wife which later led to his arrest and later asked to pay fines. He was charged for tempering with domestic battery as seen above. After his release from jail, the WWE Company was forced to give him another suspension in addition to the previous.

As if that was not enough, reports reaching us lately states that Rose has been removed from the Social Outcasts entrance video that’s usually played during WWE Live Events. This is indeed very sad to the superstar who has got and gathered many fans.

Now, the question is, is the WWE company gradually pushing him off the company? Rose may be forced to give up on his profession. Well, let’s hold and see future plans by the company for him