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Another awesome and groundbreaking wrestler passed away!

There have been records of dead superstars both great and average but none of them has ringed such a loud bell like that of the death of the formal women champion Chyna.

Chyna was a star and a female warrior to boost of. She had a very wonderful career history. And to crown her career life, she was the former girl friend to the vice president the WWE Company Triple H. news spread after her death that she left the company after the company just after her break up with Triple H.

Chyna’s death awakened some many dead and nasty rumors about her. Some say that she is a porn actress while others say that she is a drug addict which somehow seems correct because according to investigation, she died as a result of drug overdose.

Chyna’s death shook the whole towns, cities and villages that even after her death, people were still talking things about her. Several top superstars wrote some different things about her using the social media network Twitter. Even, the daughter of the president of the WWE could not let go of Chyna so she just had to express how bad she felt about Chyna’s death. See what she tweeted:

Popular wrestler James Storm puts it this way on Twitter, “Thoughts and prayers go out to Chyna’s family. She was always cool with me. #Rip9thWonder.”