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Since the beginning of this year, wrestling all over the world has been something else as superstars are just moving away and flooding in unusually even in WWE.

With the latest happenings in the wrestling sports entertainment, it will be very easy to predict the outcome in the nearest future even though there may be some changes along line but what is happening now may affect a larger part of the companies.

Even with the departure of some big names from Ring Of Honor, report still has it that three other superstars will be checking out of the company very soon to have their desires establish elsewhere either as independent wrestler or thereabout.

Report has it that, big names such as Lio Rush, Donovan Dijak, and Kyle O’Reilly are all out of Ring of Honor. With all that being said, it is clear that the departure has not ended yet for there are lots of superstars who would be leaving the company as well.

According to report, the next person in line to leave the company is the former three-time Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole a revealed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This is indeed a story to tell, we only wish them a successful career ahead of them.