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It was reported that top female employee has officially departs the WWE for what is known as hospice called. It is indeed a bittersweet moment both for the employee and her fans at large.

Before now, we read that Lillian Garcia has left the WWE television. Lillian has been with the company for fairly long period of time and as a matter of fact, she has been a renowned ring announcer. It is revealed that Lillian is one of the oldest employees of WWE. Earlier this year, it was reported that Lillian had stepped down from her role in the company.

While this was happening, many of the WWE fans thought that Lillian had been released by the WWE not knowing that there was a reason for Lillian not showing up on television. Responding to these rumors, Garcia made it known to all that her dad is in his dying bed and that she needs to take care of him. Her departure from the company was made official when her profile was recently moved to the Alumni section of the WWE website.

Lillian made it clear that she cannot be relax as an announcer while the dad is in his dying bed with cancer. So, the best move is just for her to quit her career with the company. She further expressed her gratitude to the fans and all in the WWE Universe.