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According to, top WWE Superstar has gone off script again and this usually happen once in a while.

While it’s necessary to work and maintain a script or a plan in order to easily arrive at a definite end; once in a while Superstars fall on the other side of the script. Hence, they are punished by the WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

On the other hand, there are also occasions when WWE Superstar can win a crowd over as a result of the improvisation alone. Take The Rock for example. The former WWE Champion and The People’s Champ called CM Punk in the middle of the ring in Los Angeles after Raw went off the air. Of course Vince McMahon got upset with The Rock for the dark match segment, which concluded with CM Punk’s voicemail being broadcast throughout the arena, but Vince couldn’t do anything about it due to The Rock’s personality.

With that being said, The Miz isn’t that lucky and isn’t that popular and is rumored to be in hot water for going off script for the third straight time. The first time occurred when Daniel Bryan confronted Miz on The Talking Smack After show on The WWE Network and verbally berated Daniel Bryan until he walked off set. The second time was when he changed a line during that infamous post match interview with Renee Young and telling The entire WWE Universe that Young was sleeping with Dean Ambrose, instead of saying dating him.

The second one, which turned into a mini feud between Dean Ambrose and The Miz, A which resulted in him losing his IC title to The Lunatic Fringe, The Miz was scolded backstage for the choice of words and had a little backstage heat as we. That brings us to Miz’s comments to John Cena and Nikki Bella and how it has landed him in A the hot seat by WWE Officials once again.

In fact, according to WWE Rumor roundup, “Cena & Nikki Bella relationship being set for the cameras and designed to make them more marketable is based on real backstage WWE gossip.”

While the statement reported by doesn’t include whether it was off script or not, his tendency to do so does raise the suspension of whether he did or not. Of course that is up for debate, but it is being said that WWE Officials are not happy with The Miz right now and might even take Miz and Maryse out of the WrestleMania match against Cena and Bella.

Plus that, Cena and Nikki going up against different opponents (Miz and Maryse) at WrestleMania 33.