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Pregnancy! Pregnancy!! Pregnancy!!!…. Another WWE diva has been reported to be pregnant. Anyway, so many fans sees this as good news which has overwhelmed the heart them all.

Some months ago, the two lovers of WWE Lana and Rusev finally became husband and wife thus adding to the WWE couples in history.

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The former United States champion Rusev recently had a tour with his newly wedded wife, Lana which lasted for about 29 days close to a month. This tour resulted out from the injury which he sustained during an attack by Roman Reigns.

While the lovers were at the tour, there were displays of photos in social media show casing how romantic they are enjoying themselves outside WWE. Honestly speaking, it was fun anyway.

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After some time, Rusev and Lana returned to WWE only for Rusev to have the bad luck of losing his United States championship title to The Guy, Roman Reigns and this was a painful experience indeed. Roman Reigns has been hunting for the title from Rusev because as we saw the duo fighting several occasions even in Rusev weeding toast in the ring.

However, to calm this whole worries of loss, it has been rumored that Lana the wife of Rusev is pregnant and the signs has began to show in her which means in few months time, she will be out of duty from WWE when her time fully comes. I strongly beleive that fans all over the Universe has long been expecting this and eventually it has come even though it came as a rumor which may be true anyway. is always here to feed you with latest news, so, stay on-line with us always.