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History cannot go well in the WWE without a talk about The Deadman ‘The Undertaker’.

Many share the experience they had with him and how great and superb he was, likewise there are some moments that seem to be unpleasant with the undertaker especially seeing the other side of him when he has been provoked.

The top talented WWE superstar also talks about Taker saying no one is too big to escape his anger especially when he is being pushed to the wall.

In the just concluded episode of the of the Steve Austin Show, Shane McMahon narrated his ordeal with the Deadman when they had a bloody fight which saw Taker beating the hell out of him because of how he made him angry back in 2016 before the show started.

Shane McMahon explained how he accidentally gave The Undertaker a black eye on the go-home Monday Night Raw show before WrestleMania 32.

The scenario started when the two of them were fighting and Shane got a monitor and went to hit him with it.
McMahon said that he misjudged the distance and smacked him with it legitimately. Saying watched in fears as The Undertaker rolled his eyes back in his head for a some time and was surprised when Shane said he saw the blood start to trickle down. Shane said, at that moment, he knew he in big trouble.

However, instead of just stopping, Shane decided to get a few more strikes since the deed has been done already.When it was time for WrestleMania 32, Shane McMahon paid for this. McMahon said he was already in hot water with the mother of The Undertaker, who was mad that he had legitimately hurt him in the lead-in segment to WrestleMania. What came at the big show was more than a payback.