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Ever since losing the WWE Championship to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 32 back in April, Triple H has been one of the most mysterious performers in WWE.

After Wrestlemania, he took a hiatus from appearing on WWE television for roughly four months before interfering and ensuring that Kevin Owens became the WWE Universal Champion in the Fatal Four Way match on the August 29 edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Game’s return to WWE programming was sudden, but also surprising because he betrayed his protege Seth Rollins in the process. HHH hasn’t been seen on WWE television since and the reasoning behind his actions almost two months ago are still a total mystery to Rollins and the WWE Universe. There has been a ton of speculation since about HHH’s full-time return to WWE and how the feud with Rollins will continue.

WWE fans know that Seth Rollins vs. Triple H is inevitable for an upcoming WWE PPV, but the question is which one? Since The Game could reemerge on WWE programming at any time, the rumors have varied about when WWE officials are going to pull the trigger on HHH vs. Rollins. Apparently, WWE officials are getting much closer to pulling the trigger, but they’re making some major changes to the feud first.

Shortly after Triple H interfered in the Fatal Four Way match, it was reported that WWE was intentionally keeping The Game off WWE television because of competition on Monday nights for viewers and they didn’t think the recent drop in ratings for WWE programming was going to stop anytime soon. The powers that be didn’t want to waste HHH’s unpredictability until Monday Night Raw’s ratings had improved consistently.