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No doubt, Triple H is a man of great powers in the WWE; he gets whatsoever he desires and wishes. He is the vice president of the WWE Superstar. Months back, there have rumors flying ups and downs in the WWE Universe about the return of WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and his WWE career both in his pasts and now.

WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE last year and competed with the former WWE champion for the US championship title. Fortunately to him, he won the title from Cena and was highly rated and the WWE saw that he was a talent to continue with even with pays. Following the WWE draft, the boss of WWE wanted to give Alberto Del Rio a push in several occasions but his vice chairman has been the stumbling block.

It is reported that Triple H rejected the idea of Vince McMahon given Del Rio a push, and Vince went along with what The Game, Triple H had to say. Also, rumor had it that Triple H is at odds with Del Rio and feels that he is tough to do business with. New updates seem to suggest that Del Rio may be leaving the company at the end of his one-year contract. Triple H felt that to push Del Rio will require lots of money because of his status.

More so, it is revealed that Triple H does not like Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has been under pressure of leaving WWE and this has been because of the force of Triple H is laying upon him and even, Triple H has filled him in Vince McMahon’s table saying that the WWE should just let go of Del Rio. Well, the reasons he gave was quite cogent enough because it is moral; he said that Del Rio parties too much and is a bad influence on girlfriend, Paige. Given that Paige is only 23 years old, and has a bright future ahead, WWE would want to keep Del Rio’s influence on her to a minimum.