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The best way to live well in WWE is when you don’t cross Vince McMahon or Triple H…

That the situation that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, now finds himself in after landing in Triple H’s cross hairs.

While the reason for Triple H’s dissatisfaction is unknown at this point in time, it is being speculated that it is due to Del Rio caring more about his social life then his in ring work. In fact, Triple H is so fed up with Del Rio, that he is apparently the one telling Vince McMahon not to resign him later this year.

With that being said, Vince McMahon was apparently very high on Alberto Del Rio in the last couple of months and even wanted to push him after The League Of Nations faction came to an end.

Unfortunatley for Del Rio, Triple H went to McMahon to make sure that never ended up happening and it looks like that is just another reason why Del Rio will be leaving

According to” Triple H is exerting more of his power and has recently done so to make an example out of Alberto Del Rio.

Previous reports have highlighted a disconnect between Del Rio and Triple H, which has led to some speculation that Del Rio may leave WWE when his contract runs out this October. Vince has wanted to re-sign the Mexican Aristocrat, while Triple H would prefer the two sides part ways.