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Even as other superstars are getting fed up with the dealings in the WWE, others are interested to come in and work with the company.

Reports recently stated that two huge superstars has joined force with the WWE and according to source, the superstars has been signed in by the WWE. The persons of Alvin Abitz and Max Wessell has been signed to a deal with the WWE.

The 22 year old Alvin Abitz was signed to a developmental deal; he had a WWE Performance Center tryout back in May and is scheduled to report back to work for the company in October. The 6-foot-7 290 pound athlete from Georgia has a MMA record of 1-1-0. This was a report according to Casey of Squaredcirclesirens who often reveals new signings.

More so, SCS reports that WWE has signed 24 year old collegiate wrestler Max Wessell to a deal. He’s also scheduled to report to Orlando in October. It is revealed that these superstars are very huge and vibrant. They are tough enough to meet up the requirements of the WWE. See their photos below: