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Some days ago, a photo was released which show The Undertaker using crutches and this photo has got so many folks thinking as to what is happening to The Dead Man. Of course, everybody knows that “The Deadman” is pretty beat up, but the recent photo raised a ton of questions, with the most obvious one being, will he ever wrestle again?

Following this past year’s The Undertaker

, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that The Undertaker told WWE chairman Vince McMahon that his professional wrestling career was over, and we haven’t seen “The Deadman” on WWE television ever since. In fact, he was even pulled from the post-WrestleMania European tour that he was advertised to appear on.

On Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer gave a bit of an update on The Undertaker, where he said that we might have seen “The Phenom’s” last WWE match.

“Obviously [The Undertaker] is hurt. He was on two crutches not just one. People are always asking about Undertaker at WrestleMania, and usually when it’s October, the usual word is when I ask people who are friends with him are like ‘he ain’t coming back this year, he’s done.’ And then around the end of November it’s like ‘well, maybe he’s gonna come back,’ and then by December he’s got a match. That’s the cycle every single year. Put it this way, I looked at those pictures and I thought, man, he may be done for real this time.”

Meltzer also noted that Undertaker had told Vince McMahon that he was planning to retire in the past, and he’s always agreed to come back. So, him telling McMahon that he’s done is nothing new.