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The recent WWE brand extension has been said to have taken the WWE to a newer and sweeter dimension of wrestling entertainment as the company has been split into two broad brands which are the RAW and SmackDown respectively. But it is revealed that not all superstars were involved the operation of the brand split and two top and renowned superstars who were not present at the scene included The Undertaker and Triple H.

There have been wonderings among the WWE Universe as regarding to the absence of The Undertaker and Triple H but none have come up with a serious imagination. According to report, The Undertaker was indeed approached by backstage officials, who wanted the Deadman’s involvement in the Draft. Taker stuck to his stand that’s he’s done with wrestling and told them to keep him out of the scheme of things. In spite of his disapproval, WWE had the power to use his name in the Draft as he is still signed with the WWE, which would not have made any sense as The Phenom’s in-ring future still hangs in the balance.

Furthermore, Triple H who should have been part of the split also was not seen in the extension either and report also has it that it could also be for the same reason with The Undertaker. Triple H was said to have signed a new contract with the WWE lately which will last him for quite some number of years in the field.

Well, it is revealed that come the WWE WrestleMania 33 there will be feuds which will involve these superstars and since The Undertaker still have his contract with the WWE signed in, it is revealed that he will partook of the biggest event of WrestleMania but his opponent has not been discussed even though it was rumored to be John Cena Vs The Undertaker at the WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.