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The WWE RAW is a very wonderful platform for superstars to showcase their talents as we have always seen in the these days since its beginning.

There were some unusual happenings last night on Monday night RAW which occurred during the match involving Noam Dar and Rick Swan which most of the folks in the WWE Universe refused to perceive.

The moment occurred when The Brian Kenderick was on commentary to hype up his Cruiserweight title match at 205 on Tuesday and the conversation quickly turned to the fact that Brian lost his job eight years ago. While it looked like Kenderick was only do this as part of his character, one has to wonder if the moment was planned or not.

Kendrick would then go on to talk about struggling to put food on his family table and countless other personal issues which sounded jarring and out of place with a match going on only feet away.

In fact, some could say that the segment became more and more uncomfortable as Kendrick continued to berate the announce team and talk about all the ills he has experienced with the company.

The announce team also remained eerily silent at the end of the first rant, which could be explained by them not knowing about the line before hand.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and the video of the segment will be embed in if and when it becomes available.