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The WWE Hell in a Cell of this year was actually the first PPV to have female wrestlers in the main event. Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Flair was the main event of the match which declared Charlotte Flair as winner of the fight.

There are things which were not revealed just after the match but now it has come on limelight. According to Dave Meltzer of F4online, Vince McMahon was not particularly impressed with the way it ended and blames Sasha for the encounter’s botched finale.

Banks was ideally supposed to first go through the table and then later get pinned with the Natural Selection. However, during the match, Charlotte tried to put Sasha through the table twice but to no avail.

As per Meltzer, the botch can only be blamed on the fact that the table did not break because Banks didn’t weigh enough to go through it, like a 200-pound wrestler taking the same bump, would have.

While a lot of people, mainly her supporters, felt sorry for Sasha, another demographic thought that Charlotte was capable of a lot more. Many WWE fans were disappointed at the fact that Sasha lost her RAW Women’s Championship on her home ground.

However, others felt that the match had successfully delivered a fantastic finale. Dave Meltzer also reported that McMahon was completely behind the idea of Charlotte winning the match, even though the match was held in Sasha’s hometown. This decision was made at the very last minute since the original plan was to make Banks retain her Women’s title in front of her fellow Bostonians.