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For some time now, was the news of the release of favorite superstars by the company. But now, it seems that the company is short of able hands for her brand split. So we perceived Roman Reigns is going to be tasked a little more.

Vince McMahon has made up his mind to re-hire the present Lucha Underground star John Morrison and this will really be an advantage for the WWE at large. According to reports by, Vince has made enquiring about this superstar to know when his contract expires, though he was not given a specific date.

John Morrison is a person has always longed to be in WWE again and according to him, he love Seth Rollins so much and would want to wrestle a match with him in the nearest future. Also, John Morrison stated that he would want to wrestle with Roman Reigns in 10years time.

He said in 10years time because that is when are when he thought his skills would have been upgraded and his ability to wrestle with champions like Reigns. This is funny! All the same, John Morrison soon shall return to the WWE and that is just a fact and not an assumption.