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When the news of the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige broke out, it came as a shock to many.

The relationship between Del Rio and Paige is somewhat viewed as bizarre when it became public knowledge because of the 15 years gap between the ages of the duo, Del Rio 38 and Paige 23.

Paige of course is not Alberto Del Rio’s first date in WWE; the former champion has dated another WWE Diva, Charlotte, before in a relationship many merely defined as a fling.

It has been reported that Charlotte, WWE Women’s Champion, and Paige have an axe to grind as a result of this dramatic development.

Now, knowing the character of Vince McMahon, many already believe that he would want to take advantage of the circumstances surrounding the relationship for business and promotional gains.

Many are already speculating that Vince will weave a drama around this reignited feud between Charlotte and Paige owing to what happened at the back stage.

Daily Wrestling News reported that WWE may work out ways to include Charlotte and Paige potential fight on the company’s shows.

One thing Vince has huge reputation for is putting people with bad blood running between them to face each other in a live-in-the-ring show.

Reports already have it that Vince has asked writers to develop a story line for Charlotte and Paige since Vince had placed the two of them in the ring to face each other last week and have discovered that the rivalry between them is still very fresh.