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WWE CEO, Vince McMahon has taken it to himself to be a well known person in the way he acts and reacts to matters arising from WWE among superstars and divas.

Several of the WWE talents has fallen victim in one time or the other and Vince is not an easy man to toil with and go scot-free with being punished. We all saw what happened to Roman Reigns when Vince’s anger was kindled against him, it was not easy with him at all.

More so, other superstars that have tasted the wrath of the boss, still have their sad testimonies to share may be now or in the nearest future. Report by indicated that Vince McMahon does not like Sami Zayn so good persona, at all and thinks that it is the biggest constraint in his path.

Sami Zayn is revealed to be the next candidate of Vince McMahon’s anger, and as the case may be, Zayn may be denied some necessary benefits in the WWE as far as WWE and the creative team is concern. So, Sami Zayn may not be seen anywhere around the main event for the mean time.