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It has been announced that the boss, Vince McMahon is very angry with the tag team member and twins, The Usos which are made up of Jimmy, and Jey Uso. It has been reported several times that Vince McMahon is angry with one tag team or the other, the last time we read of how angry the boss was with the tag team members, The Vauldvillians. One thing is that he always gets angry with reasons.

It is revealed that the Samoan twins Jimmy, and Jey Uso have not been seen on WWE television lately. It was reported that Jimmy Uso was out of action because of an unknown injury. However, he was expected to return last week and get a physical done on WWE’s current tour of New Zealand. So, if things work out then he will probably start working matches on T.V. soon.

But, it has been reported that Vince MacMahon is frustrated with the Usos because of them being prone to injuries quite a lot. Mr. McMahon wanted the two face-painted Samoans to help him out with the tag-team division on Smackdown Live!.

Mr. McMahon being frustrated with them may also have another reason as both of them are quite unpopular as a tag-team and they don’t really bring anything new to the table. And, considering the fact that the tag-team division on Smackdown Live! is filled to the brim with teams like American Alpha, The Vaudevillians, the Ascension, Breezango, etc. maybe bringing the twins might not work out for Mr. McMahon the way he would have liked.
Their promos are stale, their entire act is stale, and half of the time they’re mentioned as Roman Reigns’ cousins which doesn’t help in making them stand-out on their own as a team. If they want to make the Jimmy and Jey great again, then they have two choices and they are, one, break them up, and two, just change their act in some way.