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Is it that the boss of the WWE has become so old that he cannot recall the look of his superstars? Vince McMahon has been in the WWE for many years and so many things come to his mind that he just have to let go of some of them.

On episode 97 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared on the show. During the podcast, Gallows talked about his previous gimmicks in WWE. Moreover, Anderson claimed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did not remember that Gallows was previously Festus. This was Gallows said:

“I was 20 years old when I went to that Tough Enough. I’ve been wrestling since I was 18, so WWE ended for me, the first time, when I was 26 years old and I was like, I didn’t take it as a boo boo face and I was upset about it. It was like a brand new set of challenges and lets keep rocking and rolling.

And then, New Japan breathed new life into my career completely and then being a part of The Club,” Gallows continued, “I have a storied past with great gimmicks. It’s great. It is. It’s really nice to come and be myself, and, again, that’s attributed to The Club and the stuff we got to do in Japan and everything like that. But, I mean, yeah, to finally get to be your self is a complete blessing, so this trip around in WWE [has] been a whirlwind. It [has] been great.”

Anderson divulged that McMahon did not remember that Gallows portrayed the developmentally challenged Festus.

“The best part of Festus is that we heard from Talent Relations, the head of Talent Relations, that Vince doesn’t even remember that [Gallows] was Festus.” Anderson added, “we go up to the Gorilla position, and they go, the guy will say, Mark Carrano will say, ‘I’m going to go tell Vince and remind him that you were Festus.’ [Gallows] goes, ‘no, stop!’ I’m like, ‘don’t tell Vince. I need this run right here.’ Like, imagine Vince, ‘you were Festus? Urgh. Lose now.'”