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The fact that the boss of the WWE Vince McMahon gave his offspring to choose from was indeed a great speculation to fans. During Payback, Vince needed to truly give one or the two of his children the runner of RAW so he asked them to go on a bloody feud.

As wise as the McMahon’s siblings are, they chose to run the show together than go on a bloody feud hurting them over a position.

RAW was filled indeed with fans that came to see if Shane McMahon will be having a bloody feud with his sister Stephanie McMahon, but to their greatest surprise, the reverse was the case.

The show has Kevin trying to let Stephanie give his rematch for the IC title. Still on this, Cesaro interrupted before the decision was reached, so it became the Cesaro vs Owen as the #1 contender match for the IC Title. The match continued even to Miz.

Miz and Owen, later teamed to attack Cesaro. Cesaro saw hell until Zayn later came to help him out