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During Brock Lesnar’s return to UFC for his UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt, the news came that at the WWE SummerSlam, the Beast, Brock Lesnar will face the Viper, Randy Orton which already the match has been advertised and the both parties seriously preparing for it.

There could also be a possibility that Brock Lesnar may not be seen in the match. Recently, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer explained the possibility of Brock Lesnar being ban by the USADA this is because of the drug test carried on him on the 28th June before his UFC 200 fight and just as it is, if Nevada State Athletic Commission imposes suspension to any violation, that suspension extends not only on MMA.

More so, it is revealed that any suspension issued by Nevada State Athletic Commission of any state, the rest states of the country keys to it and ensures it is properly executed. This implies that New York State Athletic Commission could very well uphold a ban for Lesnar if he is sanctioned against by Nevada for failing the USADA drug test, and the other states may just carry it on to ensure its execution.

Furthermore, it revealed that Brock Lesnar failed the drug test which was carried out on him and if though it is pointed out that the drug test was harsh, Brock Lesnar may be banned and may not be seen in the WWE SummerSlam which has been scheduled on the 21 if August. Since MMA and Wrestling are both viewed from different perspectives the results may turn out differently.

Anyway, the confirmation for the drug test may mean that of the Asthmatic medication which Brock Lesnar currently suffers from. He is not been confirmed guilty because the result may show positive because of the asthma drug. But whichever way it is, we may or may not see Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam.