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Nine months ago, the former WWE World heavyweight champion Randy Orton was sidelined due to injury and per that, he was also seen an addict in the WWE which seemed to have tarnished his reputation in the WWE l. Contrarily, it seems that his dismissal has given a total repair to that which he lost.

Randy Orton’s dismissal due to shoulder injury has repaired his image before the WWE officials and now he is seen as a responsible entity than what he used to be when still in the WWE. According to report by, Randy Orton was removed from WWE programming back in October last year when he sustained a shoulder injury and spent some of the time away from WWE, voluntarily in a drug rehab centre which was an addition to his rehabilitation from the shoulder injury.

Because of Randy Orton’s move, the WWE has decided among themselves to take away one of the wellness policy from him. That is to say that the numerous times which he did violated the policy one of them will be taken from his record. In 2012, Randy Orton was suspended for 60 days due to the violation of the wellness policy and it is revealed that, that was the last time he violated the policy.

In time past, Randy Orton has not been thought to being a responsible person but since after his return to WWE from injury, the boss Vince McMahon has declared that Randy Orton has changed for good and he is happy about the fact that he has become more motivated and focused than before in the WWE.

More so, Randy Orton has been scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at the upcoming WWE big event, SummerSlam and this has been the talk among the WWE Universe and beyond. Brock Lesnar also is an addict which he recently was found guilty of not quite long but won’t suffer any punishment due to the fact he is a part time wrestler.