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Paige has not been in good terms with the WWE even though she still works for the company. Recently, it was announced that Paige has been suspended again for violating the company’s wellness policy which will last for 60 days.

Not quite long when Paige returned from her previous suspension and she has fell victim of another suspension. It was sad news anyway to all in the WWE Universe. Well, it is revealed that none of the WWE members supports her relationship with the former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and this could be the reason why she is going all through these shit in the company.

Reacting to her suspension, Paige took to twitter and posted saying that the result of the drug test for which WWE suspending her was fabricated and she totally lashed out against WWE on twitter. See her tweet below. When her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was asked about the incidence, he said, “It’s just as she said, same shit, different day” repeating Paige’s tweets on twitter. It was noted that Del Rio made this comment to ESPN.
On the other hand, WWE disagreed with Paige responds to her suspension when they gave their own side of the story which slight meant that Paige was lying about the situation. WWE posted that “Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

More so, Paige’s dad Ricky Legend said on Facebook that Paige has had long-term neck injuries which had not been dealt with and that she took painkillers prescribed by the doctors. The illegal administrations of drugs is completely prohibited by the WWE and according to Dave Meltzer, all WWE talents are well aware of the fact that when they take such substances, they have to be prescribed by the WWE doctors and not outside ones.

Furthermore, Paige is not being paid while on suspension which means that she will have to miss 3 months of pay which according to report is 1/4th of her annual salary. Also, another issue if Paige leaves is that WWE won’t pay for her neck surgery which she is to have. So, this means that Paige will have more to lose than gain if she leaves WWE.