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The WWE Diva Paige is a superstar whose in ring skills has set her on high and brought her close to lots of WWE superstars and officials. Coupled with the fact that she is a beautiful and very sexy Diva, she seems to have whatsoever she lays her mind to get.

Paige recently fell in love with the WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio and they have been dating for quite a long time now. We thought that their relationship will end after the arrest of the two of them for violating the domestic policy of the area but still the relationship is lingering and may even continue for the next seasons.

Lately, it was reported that both Alberto Del Rio and Paige being superstars in the WWE were split into different brands after the WWE brand split.

Roman Reigns was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion before he lost it to Seth Rollins who later lost it to Dean Ambrose the very day he won it from Roman Reigns. Reigns is on his way to return to the WWE after being suspended for 30 days due to violating the WWE wellness policy. Before his return, we have heard rumors that Paige wants to go out with the former Champion.

Roman Reigns is married with a daughter and Paige wanting an affiliation to work out between herself and Roman Reigns may not really be realized, it will just have to remain as a dream which it has always been. Recently, reported about the love life of the two superstars but could this really be true?

The report according to states that Roman Reigns and Paige both are well known Wrestlers of WWE and that they are having an affair. Here is a video of Roman Reigns and Paige Love Life for their Fans. Hope you like and enjoy it.