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WWE Superstar Lana was as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, on Wednesday, apparently leaving from Boston when she went through the Boston Logan international Airport where she reportedly felt ‘Abused’ or ‘Violated’ by the one of the TSA staff who was assumed to be a man and has gone beyond his boundaries during “Security Check” although the gender of the employee was not disclosed.

However, Lana had gone online to tell the whole world her feels and issues with the airport: “The most inappropriate behavior @BostonLogan TSA is doing to me. I have never felt this violated in my entire life.”

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Knowing this was a bad report on the reputation of the airport, the management had reportedly tendered and apology to Lana also stating that she could report her issue with the TSA employee through the link below.

“We apologize for the poor treatment. You can report to @AskTSA online here.”

Very nice, a link had where a complaint involving the TSA could be filed. Meanwhile, Wrestling Online had spoke with a representative from the TSA, who told the website that the “TSA is aware of these allegations. We reached out to the passenger and plan to communicate with her directly.”

However, this comes after various airport incidents have occurred. A man on a United flight was dragged off in one of the biggest stories of the week. The TSA is not immune from issues either. While in 2016 they found a record amount of guns, the TSA has fallen massively short on their goal to help over the last 15 years. In fact, some people often refer to it as “Security Theater.”

Just ask Philip Baum, editor of the journal Aviation Security International and the author of a history of airline hijackings and bombings.

He claimed, “It is excellent security theater. But it’s highly questionable how effective it really is in preventing the next attack.”

Be that as it may, recent comment states that the TSA has become such a huge issue that Air Marshals are put inside planes of high volume passengers at major airports in hopes to prevent any sort of attack.