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Finn Balor’s recent shoulder injury has once again begun the debate as to whether or not Seth Rollins is a dangerous worker.

Over the past year, Rollins has injured three superstars as a result of what Bret Hart called him being ‘unsafe.’ John Cena, Sting and now Finn Balor have been on the receiving end of three of the biggest accidents of Rollins’ career, but this latest injury could have seen many fans turn on The Architect.

Balor being forced to relinquish his Universal Championship after an incredible match between the two evenly matches stars at SummerSlam has placed a microscope over Rollins recent in-ring problems and many fans have become convinced that he is ‘too dangerous for WWE.’

Bret Hart first decided that Seth Rollins was a danger to his opponents after the former World Champion accidentally broke John Cena’s nose on an episode of Raw. It was a badly timed knee that Rollins would have obviously been pulled up on by officials but it was deemed in no way intentional by the former Shield member.

Night of Champions last year then saw Seth Rollins face off in his second match of the night against Sting, in what has become Sting’s final ever match. The former TNA Champion was injured after the turnbuckle powerbomb near the end of the match but later stated himself that Rollins was in no way at fault for the injury.

Balor’s injury was also as a result of a turnbuckle power-bomb but this time onto the barricade, Balor’s arm snapped back and the former NXT Champion was forced to lock it back into place himself during the match before being able to continue and go on to win the match.

It was then announced following SummerSlam that Finn had suffered an injury but the extent of the damage was not fully revealed until Raw last night when it was stated that he would be out action for at least six months.