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Due to the fact that the former WWE champion Roman Reigns failed the WWE wellness policy which did resulted to him going on a 30 days suspension, he has also fallen short the bookings of RAW but being booked for mid-card matches, as against the main-eventer that he was over the last two years. This is indeed a return to square one his career in the WWE.

Recently, we revealed a report from the that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has decided against pushing Reigns as the top dog following his return from the 30-day long suspension for first-time violation of the Wellness Policy. Could this really mean that WWE has terminated the push of Reigns? It is almost clear to be.

Well, it was announced earlier that at the return of Roman Reigns from his 30 days suspension, he has to work his way back to the top and according to source, It is believed that Reigns will be playing second-fiddle to other superstars for the time being and will not be pushed for the main events as Mr. McMahon has had a change of heart over the way forward for the Big Dog.

It is reported that Roman Reigns missed a lot while on suspension and even he missed out on the recent WWE draft which was done late in July of this year and unfortunately, Roman Reigns was still on suspension when it happened. Roman Reigns returned on at Battleground, where he faced his former Shield teammates – Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, in a triple threat match which Ambrose went on to win to retain his WWE Championship.

More so, the WWE boss Vince McMahon has organized a clash with him and Rusev. Roman Reigns is currently seen feuding with the US championship title holder Rusev and this is said to be a sign of Vince who wants to see him see him thrive in midcard before potentially receiving another push at Wrestlemania 33. Well, we strongly hope that Roman Reigns will finally make it again in the WWE.