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It is certain that WWE chooses who and who are allowed in most their shows. And as a matter of fact, it has been said that the WWE has become very selective while considering this fact.

Tyson Kidd was one of WWE best wrestlers before his injury and since after his injury, his doctors told him that he would never be cleared to return again to the ring as a wrestler because of his health conditions. Kidd hasn’t wrestled since he suffered a serious spinal injury during a dark match with Samoa Joe at a RAW taping on June 1, 2015. Later that month he underwent C1-C2 fusion.

It is revealed that Tyson Kidd has been removed from the Total Divas TV shows with no reason whatsoever. It has been for a fairly long time now and WWE has not yet revealed their reasons for removing Kidd from the network shows.

Regarding to this happenings, Tyson Kidd revealed on Twitter that WWE removed him from the current season of Total Divas and noted that he wouldn’t be making a single appearance on the show. “I’ve been taken off the show by WWE you’ll have to contact them to figure it out. You won’t see me once this season. It’s all good, Oh believe me I don’t think they want my situation explained. I’ll leave it at that for now”.