Connect with us reports that WWE Legend Hulk Hogan is presently in dialogue with the WWE about a return to the In-ring action.

Previous reports says that Hulk Hogan did not only talk to Vince McMahon about his in-ring return he also offered a deal to become a WWE ambassador.

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The WWE Superstar who was suspended after a sex tape of his was released in July 2015 containing racial insult has shown his interest in returning to the WWE for some in-ring action.

Hogan subsequently won a $115 Million lawsuit Against Gawker who was responsible for leaking the Video.Hogan’s settlement with Gawker for $31 Million has left him with quite a bit of money and it appears that he’s not too keen on a WWE return as a result of it.

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Speculation says that Vince McMahon is planning something big for him in WrestleMania 34 if he agrees to the WWE contract. Although details about the contract weren’t released, it is believed that Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon Still Has a lot to discuss Before He finally signs the contract.

It is quite clear that Hogan is doing well with his new shops and with the money that he has received from the settlement of his lawsuit and even if he doesn’t work a single day for his remaining life, he’ll still have enough left over to live another full lifetime without having to worry about money. Hogan Has all the Decision to make. Fans are anxious to see him upstage even if it is just a one night deal.