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The popular WWE legend Ric Flair or nature boy as he is fondly has been in the field of wrestling entertainment for so many years and beyond and ever since his career in the wrestling world he has been a widely sought individual who is really experienced in the field of his career.

The Hall Of Famer is still in the WWE previously a manager to his daughter the former WWE women’s champion Charlottte until not quite long when the previously well looking father and daughter became separated and Charlotte disowned him and he never would be her manager again. Even, Charlotte went on further to say that she wished the father was dead. But was this the end of the road for the legend? Not at all; WWE has plans for him to make a make him a manger to the newly returned Diva.

It is revealed that the WWE is the investment of the one and only Vince McMahon and apart from the WWE; there is some other wrestling entertainment company which includes the TNA and others. Lots of superstars have left the WWE for TNA and were favored by the move but others are not favored by the move they made to TNA from WWE. Ric Flair recently shared his regret on leaving WWE for the TNA company and it was indeed painful. See what he said:

“There [are] a couple of things I regret. Number one was ever going to work for TNA. That’s my own fault. It was just a lot of money to wrestle 65 days a year, right? 65 days and make a lot of money. Do you know what I mean? Not WWE money, but pretty good money to do nothing. And I made a lot of friends. I like Kurt Angle very much and I like [James] Storm and [Bobby] Roode. I liked AJ [Styles]. Everybody treated me great. I mean, I don’t have any bad things to say about TNA or the people there at all. After being in the WWE, it’s pretty hard to work any place else because you’re always comparing them no matter how hard you try not to.”