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According to the WWE match rooster, Charlotte will be performing in a submission match during the Women’s Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

In this match, Charlotte will be defending her championship against Natalya. This means that the match is really going to be hot. Unfortunately, the WWE has announced that Charlotte’s daddy, Ric Flair will not be present at the match. We have not seen Ric Flair in few live events and even in the ringside in the last episode of RAW. Ric Flair has been missing live event shows.

This has got many fans asking his where about. Obviously, Ric Flair has not been present in Live Event after the incidence which took place at Boston Airport where he was found behaving strangely. Many thought that he was drunk and that was the reason for his strange behavior.

It was revealed that Flair had a head cut which was the cause of his unusual act in the airport. It was confirmed by the medic of the Airport that Flair was not drunk at all and was allowed in the flight. Another eye witness who saw this stated that Flair’s head was bleeding and that was the cause of his behavior. As the case may be, it seems that Fair may be missing other live events in time to come.