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WWE has had the last PPV of the year which was the just concluded Roadblock event which featured lots of top superstars and event matches to make fans cheer and send them home happily.

For a very long time now, WWE RAW has been dealing with the rival match against Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. At Roadblock, we saw Charlotte Flair defeating Banks to become the RAW women’s champion for the fourth time.

This feud has lasted long and all other women in the brand are really not happy with Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon promoting just these women when there are other top talents in the brand. Prior to this, WWE Superstar Emma vented her frustration about that match via her Twitter account, you can see tweet below.

Emma was scheduled to return from injury on December 12 but report has it that her return has been postponed and may happen some other time. It is revealed that Emma would be returning with the name Emmalina. The diva has expressed her displeasure with what RAW officials are doing to other talents when she said that she should have been in the championship picture.
With what Emma is saying, we understand that she meant that WWE RAW officials are trying to play partiality by denying other talented women star the right to be in the title picture which according to them, is unfair.