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WWE star Nia Jax has finally gotten a new boyfriend after being single and ready to mingle for a long time; just as if the right guy has showed up finally.

While everyone seems to be asking who is WWE Star Nia Jax Dating? has leanrt that the Big WWE female Champion, Nia Jax is dating a fellow Wrestler. Although he is not yet broken into the WWE roaster, he wrestles for Evolve (a minor league).


Just recently, Nia tries speed dating with some hot New York City firefighters. It’s not long before Nia realizes speed dating isn’t her thing.

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“I don’t feel as though I’m really good at situations like this, strangers you don’t even know,” Nia confessed. “It makes me feel so weird. I’m not used to this kind of attention in this situation.”

And she got plenty of it! From short guys to tall ones and even one guy wearing a kilt, all the guys wanted to meet Nia.

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While Nia had a plenty of NYFD’s finest to choose from, none of the guys seemed to spark her flame.

“I’m not really seeing anyone that I’m attracted to. It just seems generic and I’m exhausted,
” Nia realized.

But just when she had given up hope, the matchmakers sent another hottie her way. This one happen to be a porn star; While the girls were out to brunch, Brie Bella decided to do some investigating. “Did you Google him at all?” Brie asked.

A short Google search later, Brie discovered that Nia’s firefighter was actually a porn star!

“Hot porn actor,” Brie announced. “No, no!” the ladies yelled in unison.

Nia was disappointed to say the least. “I’m never dating again,” the WWE star declared.

In a related development, Nia was caught having a quite moment with another hot guy and they ended up taking about love and hates and whatnot.

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Nia Jax is now in love with a Wrestler. Although he is not yet broken into the WWE roaster, he wrestles for Evolve (a minor league).

The WWE Star Nia Jax is presently dating Josh. Who wrestles in a minor league and is looking for an opportunity to move to the WWE. The couple owns a pit-bull boxer mixed puppy names Kali

The couple has a lot in common as they both love to workout at the Jim. Their recent tweets also confirmed that there is something going on between them.