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AJ Styles finally joining WWE RAW?

After all said and done, it is obvious that it has been registered in the mind of all in the WWE Universe that AJ Styles is now a RAW talent and no longer the SmackDown talent he used to be.

Styles was separated from his team, The Club during the last year’s draft split and it is revealed that this year’s split will take him to RAW. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were both drafted to RAW and if chance permit, WWE will want to leave the trio, AJ, Anderson and Gallows in the red brand roster which may result to a new formation of The Club.

With the 2017 WWE Draft coming this summer, the word backstage is that Vince want AJ Styles to be drafted to Raw. Styles has so-far exceed all expectations and continues to impress both fans and his fellow Superstars on a weekly basis. It’s a testament to his talent that Styles, the former face of TNA, is now considered one of WWE’s top stars.

Although SmackDown is a stand-alone brand now, it is clear that WWE still considers RAW as the flagship show.

The 2017 WWE Draft will come sometime around June-July. It will be interesting to see if the “Champ that runs the camp” will actually be drafted to RAW.

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