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The former WWE Champion has spoken his mind concerning the present state of politics in the United States of America and this he did after revealing his zeal to become a leading politician someday and we can say he is greatly in pursuit of this ambition and will get there. He is really passionate about this course.

Well, the first time Kane talked about the state of the America politics he was not that focused or specific about his subject matter. This time, it is revealed that he was more concentrated and precise about his subject matter and was criticizing the politicians of these days and this was done in an interview which he recently had with rare. Us and the interview was published. He was as brutal with words as he talked about the politicians as he talked about democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Kane used harsh words as he said;

“There’s willful ignorance of fact. These candidates position themselves in a certain way, but if you look at the history, what they’ve said before, if you look at Hillary Clinton’s criminal record, you’ll realize she’s not the innocent civil servant just doing their job”

Although that doesn’t mean that he support of the other president candidate Donald Trump, as he also took at shot a Trump by saying: “His unpredictability and lack of concrete solid principles really bothers me; you have no idea what he might do.”

More so, WWE superstar Kane is really very passionate about his ambition to become a politician. There have been lots of rumors going around that Kane will soon retire from professional wrestling to pursue other career interests which also includes politics. Kane has not been seen since after the WWE draft and it was reported that he was drafted to the blue brand, SmackDown Live roster.