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While others are busy making progress in the wrestling world, others are just left stranded and empty. What could possibly be the cause? Well, for me i will say that the cause of the progress and misfortune should be on loyalty bases.

Ryback was the former Intercontinental Champion who had problem with the company while saying that there should be an equal amount of money to both winners and losers of any competition but the company bloodily refused. For this, Ryback was sent home from RAW which denied him the participation in a 20 men Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for United States Championship.

The company has given Ryback an instant termination of contract without further negotiation. This means that Ryback’s career with the company has ended. Reports reaching us now states that Ryback has fully made up his mind to join the TNA Company. This means that Ryback will be of great help to the company because presently, the company is passing through financial trauma. TNA is melting down.

This decision could mean a lot to different persons. Who knows what Ryback has in mind? He may just join and he helps rehabilitate the company in no distant time. But to me, I will say that Ryback has just started sinking in an ocean. In regards to this, The big guy tweeted: