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Recent whisper from very reliable sources at the WWE has revealed that Rusev might be in a very huge trouble with the WWE, who have revealed that they are very unhappy with the decision of Rusev to cut his hair.

Just as a reminder to those who were aware and of course for the benefit of those who do not know before now, Rusev missed WrestleMania with an injury and hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since his empathic loss to the Big Show, at WWE Fastlane.

Now the bone of contention is that, WWE Superstars are all expected to seek permission should they wish to make any of such drastic changes to their appearance. This is because of the amount of money that the company invests in marketing. Changing a look to the extent Rusev did, means that programs, cards, sticker books, DVDs, chairs, trucks and especially action figures, featuring Rusev, become dated.

It is also been revealed that Mattel the official the official action figure distributor of the WWE, spend thousands a year on getting head scans from the Superstars so that they can produce figures that look accurate. Rusev and Lana are set to have a double pack released in the coming months, where Rusev will still have long hair, making it likely that sales of the figure pack will be weak.

According to reports, Rusev and Lana were both drafted to SmackDown as part of the Superstar Shake up. However, it is unknown when Rusev will return.