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Injury in the WWE has been a fixed occurrence because we hear and see from any event almost all events most especially live events that injury attacks a superstar or two.

For over a year now, the WWE superstar, Tyson Kidd has been off the ring due to injury. It is revealed that he sustained the injury during his match against Samoa Joe in a dark match on Raw June 1st, 2015 episode, the injury was as a result of a musclebuster performed by Samoa Joe.

The injury turned out to be very fatal as even till date, he has not fully recovered from the illness. This injury is quite similar to that of Daniel Bryan who had to retire from pro wrestling due to a serious injury. Tyson has wished to return to the ring but he is not medically fit to do that as of now and due to the severity of the neck injury, he may be forced to retire just like Daniel.

More so, reports state that Tyson’s contract with the company shall soon elapse and as the case at hand may be now, Tyson may never be cleared to return from the injury again. The company may release him and soon or later, we hope to see make his retirement speech just as Daniel Bryan did. This is so painful because Tyson has not planned for retirement any moment from now but injury has forced him to.

Anyway, we just hope Tyson recovers soon or later and return to the ring soon. We wish him a speedy recovery.