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A WWE superstar’s husband has tragically passed away on Tuesday, leaving the wrestling world cold and dark.

According to Dana Brooke, Dallas McCarver, the bodybuilder will be her guardian angel for the rest of her life.

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The 26-year-old bodybuilding phenom passed away early Tuesday morning after apparently choking on his food at a Florida home. He had spoken to Brooke on the phone just before the accident and told her he loved her.

Dallas McCarver was found unconscious by a friend but tragically passed away leaving wrestling beauty heartbroken

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THE bodybuilder boyfriend of WWE star Dana Brooke has passed away at the age of 26 after apparently choking on food.

Dallas McCarver, 26, was reportedly found unconscious on Monday evening in his Florida home.

Brooke told TMZ they had spoken shortly on the phone before a friend found him later that night.

All seemed well and Brooke claims there’s no indication of foul play, with McCarver doing a workout earlier in the day.

Brooke also told his fans to stay strong as that is what he would have wanted.

McCarver was a well-known face on the bodybuilding circuit, clocking in a 6 ft 1 in and weighing 300lbs.

He finished 8th at the 2016 My Olympia competition and had been going out with Brooke for quite a while.

Her real name is Ashley Mae Sebera and she’s been on the WWE roster since 2013.

However, Brooke may now take some time out of her busy RAW schedule after the tragedy.

She too is a competitive bodybuilder and fans will be hoping she’s back on the scene as soon as possible.